In short, Torrus is an alternative software platform to MRTG, Cricket and Cacti. In most cases it brings more flexibility and performance. We are able to poll 1 million SNMP OIDs every 5 minutes from a modern server.

Torrus is designed to be the universal data series processing framework. Its scalable hierarchical design, application-independent core, inremental configuration processing, and highly customizable architecture make Torrus an attractive choice both for small installations and for big enterprise or carrier networks. Although most of our users deploy Torrus for SNMP monitoring, it might be useful for data series of any nature. Tobi Oetiker's RRDtool is used for data storage.

See the Torrus+SIAM+Extopus demo that illustrates the integration of Torrus with an ISP's service inventory and a customer self-service portal.

Torrus functional overview slideshow gives some conceptional and quick explanations (Open Office presentation, PDF)

Torrus presentation at SwiNOG meeting: Open Office presentation, PDF

Currently Torrus consists of the following parts:

Getting the software


Features of Torrus

Product Support

Torrus is free software. It is distributed under the GNU General Public License.

Please send all your requests, comments, and bug reports to the torrus-users mailing list. Only list subscribers are allowed to post the messages there. All new release announcements are sent to this list.

Commercial support for Torrus is provided by:

K-Open GmbH
Direct phone: +41 79 407 0224
Calling from USA and Canada: 1-240-846-6039
Commercial support includes: For more details about commercial support, please contact us by email.


By courtesy of Tobi Oetiker, we are using the subtree of RRDtool Enterprise ID. Torrus is now capable of sending the SNMPv2c traps, with the variables described in the corresponding MIB file.



Companies using Torrus

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